But on a wednesday, in a cafe, I watched it begin again.

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Just think while you been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty dirty cheats of the world you could have been getting down to this. sick. beat.

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It is a daily struggle for me to not buy more cats. - Taylor Swift

It takes a long time to figure out who you are and where you fit in in the world. I’m putting myself in all these awkward situations where the dancers are incredible, and I’m having fun with it, but not fitting in. They’re doing the most beautiful things, and I’m being embarrassingly bad at it. It shows you to keep doing you, keep being you, keep trying to figure out where you fit in in the world, and eventually you will.

"Sophistication isn’t what you wear, or who you know, or pushing people down to get you where you want to go.”

Taylor Swift; the basics; pt2 (insp)

sophia bush body appreciation


get to know me meme [1/7] favorite male celebrities- Zac Efron

"If I had to hear the High School Musical songs anymore, I would have jumped off of something really tall."

music videos of RED

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